Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My First Trucking Road Trip!

 Here we are loaded ready to head out!  No AC in the cab, so it's windows down all the way! (by the way Robert wanted to sleep in the cab until Thursday made him so hot- it drove him to renting a hotel room...Then we had to unhook the trailor and drive to town. HA!)

 On Friday night we participated in a "Twilight Tractor Drive" it took you all around the grounds of the show, which was really cool!  Here is an example of how this happens...

 Me with Max Armstrong!!! He is a broadcaster for "This week in Agribusiness". It's a TV show we watch that tells us how the markets are doing ad how agriculture is throughout the US.  He has a great voice! He was so pleased to talk with us, and he lead some of the tractor drives!  Fun!

 They had a lot of the old equipment showing how they were used "Back in the Day"

And Abe Lincoln...Doesn't it look just like him!  He also drove a car and his license plate said " A Lincoln 1"  So funny! Robert and I did Abe sightings all over the grounds!

Robert thought I was rubbing elbows with too many celebrities by the end of the weekend! So no picture with Abe.

All in all we had a great time! We took the golf cart because it was miles to get around all of it.  What a great purchase!!! Plus it carried our cooler so we stayed well hydrated!  It was VERY HOT and we were excited to get home! What a great first short vacation for the summer!

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