Friday, April 29, 2011

Mushroom Mania

Mushroom Mania!Robert is officially a Happy Man!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunny Days

So this past Thursday was the best sunny day we've had for a while. Beautiful in the morning and sunny and warm in the evening. Plus the ground wasn't completely dry enough for that means one thing-ROCK PICKING!!! Jay Appleton, Elaine Burkett, and I picked rocks and got a great tan...well not really a tan yet. But this is the most natural color I've had this early in the season ever! We got tons of rocks which made Robert a very happy man! We went back to work more on Friday which was cold and lightly rainy= not so much fun. Hopefully next week we can do some more picking. It's great exercise and it's always wonderful to be outside!

Monday, April 11, 2011

V. Sattui Winery

V. Sattui Winery was such a visual treat for Robert and Me. We Loved their beautiful gardens and buildings. This was the last night before we came home so it was nice to slow down. Though I tried wines here I didn't buy any. We did buy cheese. :) It was very wonderful to spend time at these beautiful places with Robert. He called it "The closest thing to The Garden of Eden on Earth." And he may be right, but we had to come home.

We both realized we would love to go out there more often, and figure out how to open the minds of our friends to see such a beautiful place!

Hope and Grace

Hope and Grace was by far MY personal favorite! I wouldn't call them a winery, since none of their wine get produced in the building I was's more like a store front of what wines they make. It was wonderful! Unfortunately we didn't buy any wines here, but I am hoping to get on their wine club for my Birthday or Christmas! The painting behind me in the first image is the one on their bottle. I think I loved Hope and Grace because of their wine and artwork! My favorite combination!


These are all stills for Whisky, Vodka, get the picture.

Charbay was charming. We saw Distillery and were immediately interested. They were a bit more upper class then we were used to with other wineries, but still Very knowledgeable and kind. I really liked their Green Tea Apertif and we also loved their 1983 Sauvingon Blanc which they aged 10 years, then added Yeast! Crazy! But it made the wine lightly carbonated which made it amazing!!!!! Luckily (for me) they weren't allowed to let us taste their Other Spirits because they don't have that kind of license. Very informative and Beautiful none the less. Robert had a lot of fun here, but John who helped us was kind-of Crazy!

Schweiger Vineyard

What an amazing estate! We actually met the man who owned Schweiger Vineyard. He was older and still doing work on it, because this was a brand new building! And it's Stunning!

Robert also found a Tractor just like one he used to own!

Here we purchased two bottles of wine, one Port and one Sauvignon Blanc. Both were amazing! The Port is for Robert and the Sauvignon Blanc is for me! The first bottle purchased for Robert's consumption was here! And No he's not going to chase it with a beer.

Goosecross Cellars and the Taco Truck

Goosecross Cellars was wonderful! We had been told by the people at the previous winery to go there. That's how we made our journey. We just asked people where we should go next. They had a very delicious selection of wines, but just like the Regusci we didn't buy any. But we brought home the paperwork to order some later!

Both their White and Red wines were amazing!

Then both Regusci and Goosecross told us to eat at this Taco Truck. So we did, and it too was so good! I had a burrito and Robert had quesadillas.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Regusci Winery

The larger building is where the wines are stored, and the smaller one on the right is where the tastings take place. Look how Big and Thick these doors are! Lovely sitting area
Wines ageing!
Regusci Winery was the second and one of the most informative wineries that we went to. It was Huge and Beautiful! It has been around since 1932. You can read more about the winery on it's link. It's very "Old World" as Robert likes to call it. Very informative, and they gave us a tour! Their wines were fantastic, but we didn't buy any then. We are hoping to buy some and have it shipped here.

Laird Family Estate Winery

Laird Family Estate is the First winery we went to. Being a Novice, we read up on some of etiquette of what we should do. I did follow the rules for a while, till one of the people told me I didn't have to. The whole spitting out of wine and pouring it out seems a bit waste full for me, but I love great wine! We ended up buying 3 bottles 2009 Ghost Ranch Piont Noir, 2009 Cold Creek Pinot Grigio, and 2008 Cold Creek Chardonnay. The Chardonnay was my favorite at Laird. Feel free to click on the wines to find out more about what they taste/smell like.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Around Harvest Inn

These photos are all taken on the property we were staying. It was beautiful and breathtaking! Enjoy!

Honeymoon Day 2

These are the photos from Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, it was Beautiful and VERY California. Robert wasn't feeling so hot today, so we went back and spent most of the day in the Hotel room. But Lunch was Delicious!