Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunny Days

So this past Thursday was the best sunny day we've had for a while. Beautiful in the morning and sunny and warm in the evening. Plus the ground wasn't completely dry enough for that means one thing-ROCK PICKING!!! Jay Appleton, Elaine Burkett, and I picked rocks and got a great tan...well not really a tan yet. But this is the most natural color I've had this early in the season ever! We got tons of rocks which made Robert a very happy man! We went back to work more on Friday which was cold and lightly rainy= not so much fun. Hopefully next week we can do some more picking. It's great exercise and it's always wonderful to be outside!


  1. We have a rock picker so I have never picked rocks by hand. It sounds like I may be missing out. Or maybe you need to ask for a rock picker for Christmas. Enjoy the blog! Looks like life is great!