Thursday, February 7, 2013

The New Couch!!

This is something very exciting in the Penn House! A new couch! Robert had the old couch for a long while, so it was time for a new one... and the old one went out to the Shop office.  Win Win! We looked for one for a while, and ended up finding a great one at Lay-z-boy. It's a dark grey color! I am in love with it! It kind-of looks brown in low lighting, but it could be because our light bulbs are more orange-e, and our carpet an old yellow color.  New carpet one day and some new paint on the walls will make this couch STELLAR!! It's very comfortable and will allow us to have more fun with the room!

Before the couch came I had to take some fun pictures of Brennan in the large space! 

Brennan was the first to sit on it!!

And Here She is!!!

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