Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to the World Kallie Carolyn Penn!

Kim came to help take care of Brennan as we (secretly, from our parents) decided to have a home birth. We had gone to have a check at our midwife (Diana Sander's) house. We had come home, and Kim was very close behind. This was at 2pm. Kim helped us set up the birthing pool/tub, and Brennan helped. Kim and I ran to Flora, to the grocery, for bread and a couple other necessities. We left the grocery at 4:15pm. My contractions were consistent, and strong, but not as bad as with Brennan. 

We got to the house, and I asked Kim to kindly put away the groceries, because I didn't think I could help. They were pretty strong, and though I had been in touch with Diana, I still thought I had time. Wow was I wrong.

I had Kim go upstairs and switch with Robert, who was laying down with Brennan (nap time). Robert came downstairs, disgruntled that he couldn't find his slipper (we had our stuff packed in case we had to go to the birthing center). LUCKILY, Robert found his slipper. I had two sets of contractions, then made it to the bathroom. Two more sets of contractions later, and here was our beautiful girl! Born right in my arms on our bathroom floor. Fastest delivery ever! 

Kallie Carolyn Penn
Born at 5:35pm
Weighing 7 lb 10 oz
21 inches long
Pure perfection!

Daddy's first hug.

Diana, the midwife, did show up about an hour after the birth. I wasn't upset. I was already in love.

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