Monday, July 14, 2014

Quite possibly the best day of being buddies EVER!

Rollie Dean Forgey (aka to us as Rollie Dean) Is Brennan's Best Friend. Funny that I can say that so early in life, but they have just taken to each other SO WELL from the beginning. (if i'm right, before Brennan was 1 and could walk.) Today is a document of a day where I could gladly watch Rollie Dean for his mom, and we created a great adventure.

First things first. A walk around the farm. (Brennan grabbed for Rollie's hand and he was glad to oblige.) Melt my heart!

Then they threw rocks into the creek.

Then they slid down a pile of stone. Rollie went belly first.

Then to a fun little splashing in the pool. (Nude photos excluded, but very fun/cute)

A little lunch.
PB/J, Grapes, Strawberries

An after lunch golf cart ride.

And some tractor riding. 

A pretty perfect day if you ask me. And not one ounce of crying. I'd definitely take more of these days!

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