Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Trip to Ohio!

We went to Ohio this past weekend for an auction and a wedding reception!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Naptime by the tire! In the shade!

We actually had a lot of fun hanging out by the truck! Plus it was a Beautiful day! We didn't know Ohio was so tropical!

More truck riding... with a mild sun burn...

At the wedding reception. Jim McKenzie is holding Brennan. He used to work for Oliver! Very Special guy! And a soon to be grandpa to triplets!!

Mama and Baby Sunburns  

In the Hotel! Ready to Relax!

On the way home... Sweaty baby head! I just love it! 

Generally it was a great trip. However I got stung by a bee on Saturday and Sunday the girl at Bob Evans spilled coffee on my lap. Ouch! We survived and enjoyed getting home!

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