Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dumont Museum

When you enter the Dumont Museum you see this VERY LARGE miniature city.  It's breath taking in the way Lyle has re-created the scene.  You see, he likes things to light up and move, and so they do! It's amazing! He has dedicated so much time and effort into making this amazing.  Located in Sigourney, Iowa.  You really need to look at the website to learn more information.

Also housed there is a very large and extensive Oliver Collection.  We sold Lyle one tractor that will help complete a line within the collection.  We can't wait to see it painted!

But here is what he already has!

Here I am standing next to an original Case Eagle.

He also has The largest Roy Rogers collection. Lyle and Helen were friends of Roy and his family, so there are so many memories within the collection too! Really Amazing!

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