Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wisconsin Vacation Part 3

When you are on vacation and you run out of money, you sometimes have to get a job! 

Luckily for us, farming is very versitile! We paired up with some friends from Mason, WI in their 2 day second cut Hay Making! The Galligans own a John Deere store (and even though their green is the wrong color for us...) We had a great time!!!  We got to drive things we normally wouldn't ever drive.  As you'll see I drove a Gator for 2 days hauling ANYTHING! I also drove Robert around on it too when he wasn't on a tractor.
 Full or Empty I'd haul the Hay Wagons to John!
 Here's his son driving the wagon to the barn from where I parked them.
 Unloading With the other Lindsay
 Then they let me drive the truck and trailer! (and yes i'm eating ice cream!)
All in all they are great friends and we had a wonderful time!!

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