Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Honeymoon! (Day One)

After a Whirlwind of a Wedding Day, we had a bit of a mishap the next day... We missed our outgoing flight the next morning. First Tough lesson of marriage, NEVER MISS A FLIGHT! Our flight was supposed to take off at 8:25am, and that is the time we being 30 minutes late cost us almost an entire day... We flew starting at 11am to JFK, Salt Lake City, then to Oakland. We got our rental car, and started our drive to the Hotel, Harvest Inn. Luckily for Sprint Maps and a couple of calls to Harvest Inn, we got there safely, at 12:30am California Time. We were exhausted and feeling very ill. (If you didn't know, I was sick the week leading up to the wedding, and Robert said I gave it to him at "You may kiss the Bride".) Luckily the Hotel was even better than we had imagined, or it at least looked like how it did online.

After a shower and a real fire, we went to bed. We felt like royalty because the bed felt so nice!

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